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Just a short note to introduce the IQ Modular Carpet division and to let you know
how our new IQ Re:Fresh Carpet Resource Service can help you better manage
your Carpet requirement whilst improving quality and reducing cost !
IQ Re:Fresh helps you identify where investment can best be utilized and look
at areas where cost can be saved, We work with you to determine your
requirement and look at your current arrangement carrying out a detailed audit
of your property portfolio, serviced Office facilities, Corporate offices or other
related property and we then agree where we can help you save costs and
maximise benefit of your Carpet investment.
We recently helped a major Serviced Office Provider save in excess of £6.00
per square metre on Carpet cost alone, plus reduced Install and Lift & Lay
changeover costs on an annual contract basis. This has benefited them in over
40 separate Corporate office facilities, That’s some saving

If you would like to look at how you, or your Client, could benefit by significant
cost reduction whilst improving quality of product and service levels, then we
would be happy to meet for an informal discussion to see how we can help, with
no obligation.
We work directly with the Client, their FM, their Commercial Property Agent,
Architect or Construction team to deliver a creative modular solution that meets
the requirement that’s always on time and below budget !
We look forward to helping you.

Rob Haynes 
IQ Modular Carpet
modular carpet solutions for workspace
Battens Drive, South Moons Moat, Redditch, B98 7SL

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The world’s leading manufacturer of molded architectural product solutions With a 5 decade history, Formglas creates custom fabricated solutions for precision-engineered and sustainable architectural products. Formglas products are designed to accelerate construction, simplify installation, reduce cost, provide enhanced aesthetic appearance and ensure years of durability and beauty. Formglas is ready to serve you anywhere in the world. Formglas products are used throughout North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Two strategically located manufacturing and design facilities are backed by over 250 design, field support, customer service and manufacturer professionals and more than 40 regional product representatives around the globe.



Formglas products enable architects and designers to incorporate complex or simple elements that lend an exciting dimension to interior and exterior spaces. They have been tested around the world and meet the most stringent fire codes. Formglas materials are lightweight, safe to work with and relatively easy to install. The majority of our products are made for specific projects using custom molds and tooling created with the help of the most advanced CNC equipment available, resulting in parts that are unmatched in quality and accuracy.

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