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From the beginning, Smith & Fong have always been dedicated to sustainability. The team at Plyboo make decisions based on quality and design as well as social and environmental considerations. Plyboo believe that profit is the by product.  Smith & Fong Plyboo have also earned a great reputation for integrity and consider the trust of their customers is paramount.

At Smith & Fong Plyboo they believe that natural sustainability of bamboo forestry and the harvesting practices over centuries of experience. To validate their legitimacy of their, Plyboo sought after the FSC ( Forestry Stewardship Council ) for their help certifying their Moso bamboo forest in China.  It took them 2 years to gain the FSC pure certified bamboo flooring, plywood and veneer in America, but they did it !

As adhesive sciences have greatly improved and concern for indoor air quality has grown, smith & Fong Plyboo became the very first globally to adapt a Formaldehyde-free manufacturing both the bamboo and palm industries.  CARB the California Section 01350 testing ( most stringent off-gas testing protocol available anywhere ).

To streamline their formaldehyde-free program, an interesting alternative appeared – soy based, formaldehyde – free resins. At this stage Smith & Fong where the only company worldwide to do this.  Over a 3 year process they sucessfully adapted the soy – based resin to a unique bamboo manufacturing process.  This allowed them to become the very first bamboo company to offer a soy – based, formaldehyde – free adhesive system, surpassing emission requirements and setting a new level for a clean, green in the industry.

Independent  auditing is as follows :



Requiring 01350 off – gas testing

ISO 14001 a worldwide standard in environmental control protocol.

Smith and Fong Plyboo are totally dedicated in engaging in setting environmentally policies and goals.



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