Fractal by Plyboo

About Fractal

Fractal™ by Smith&Fong applies the use of compositional geometric figures, each part of which has the same proportional character as the whole. Exciting and interpretive this expressive panel series uses the discipline of isosceles triangles to create squares and nested geometric shapes that express infinite space by emphasizing line, color and light. The visual complexity of the Fractal™ compositions causes the eye to find forms beyond the geometry evoking ideas, events and emotions.

Available in natural colors as well as oiled Greige, Fog and Noir finishes to name a few, the Fractal™ line has a palette to enhance any project.

Manufactured by Smith&Fong

Panel Collection Name: Fractal™
Dimensions: 24”x24”x34” or 609.6mm x 609.6mm x 863.6mm
Material: Plyboo RealCore bamboo
Fire Rating: Class C or Class B
Geometry: Isosceles Triangles