Plyboo Ceiling System

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Linear Sound Ceiling Collection

The beauty of Plyboo® is now available for ceilings. Our new Reveal, Linear, and Sound Collections feature deep carving in and through our multilayered material that reveals mingling planes of color, texture, and optical movement.

  • Unique Appearance – Choose from a broad selection of patterns, colors, and textures. Our CNC-milling capability also makes custom designs practical.
  • Acoustical Control – Open area allows panels to be acoustically transparent or used with noise-reducing insulation. Our Linear Sound panels achieve a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.70.
  • Reduced Weight – Ribs and openings in Linear Sound panels result in styles that weigh as little as 2 lb/sf (10kg/m2).
  • Sustainability – FSC-certified, rapidly-renewable materials are used in a low-emitting, CARB Phase 2 and CA Section 01350 tested product.*
  • Light and Air Penetration – Openings in panels allow creative use beneath light sources and HVAC diffusers or returns in the plenum.
  • Curved and Custom Ceilings – Please contact the factory or your local Smith & Fong representative for more information.Plboo
Linear Sound Panel Design


CSI 3-part specification – LinearSound Collection
Plyboo Ceiling Information
Sound Absorption: QuietWall™ Technology (Test Result)
Core Composition: RealCore™
Color: Amber or Natural
Material: 100% Bamboo
Size: 3/4” x 473/4” x 953/4
Metric:19mm x 1213mm x 2432mm
Weight: 80 lbs
Surface Texture: Prefinished or Unfinished
Fire Resistance Classification: Class C (Class B available)
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): avg. 0.70
Sound Transmission Class (STC): avg. 0.00
Emission Testing – CA Section 01350 Protocol: No VOC’s with chronic REL’s (reference exposure level) detected; passes office, school, and residential criteria
BP-V4896A/LS11: Carb Phase II Compatible
Installation GuideEnvironmental Product Declaration & Life-Cycle Analysis

Plyboo Ceilings are compatible with a wide variety of ceiling types and conditions:

  • Screw Installation: Install directly to substrate, mount on furring, or screw to bottom flange of suspended metal ceiling grid. Self-drilling screws with small heads fit between ribs of Linear and Linear Sound panels to semi-conceal fasteners without countersinking.
  • Direct Hanging: Suspension wires can be semi-concealed in the ribs of Linear Sound panels allowing installation of panels without a metal ceiling grid.
  • Exposed, Semi-Exposed, and Concealed Metal Ceiling Grid: Use square edges for lay-in installation in exposed grid, or routed edges for lift-and-shift installation with narrow reveals or butt joints.
  • C-Clips are attached to upper side of panels and hook over ceiling grids or other supports.
  • Plyboo panels are available in sizes up to 4 x 10 ft (1.2 x 3m), ½ or ¾ inch (13mm or 19mm) thicknesses, and with Class B or Class C surface burning characteristics; check with factory or local representative for availability. Plyboo ceiling panels are more durable than conventional acoustic ceiling products, easy to maintain, and complement Plyboo used for wall panels, furniture, and flooring.